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Storytelling Master Class

Spring 2018: Celtic Stories

Lake Oswego, OR

Take your storytelling to the next level with all new content and dynamic new stories.

You Will Learn:

• The Mood Map of Your Story

• How to Add Rich Sensory Language

• Where to Find Stories for Specific Purposes

• Matching the Story to Your Audience

• How to Build a Performance or Presentation Around a Theme

•  The Importance of Turning Points in Your Story

• How to Build the Soundscape of Your Story

• Stories and Personal Resonance

• Building Vocal Congruence

• Developing Your Personal Style

• Personal Coaching with Lindagail

• Storyfests on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Afternoons

• Storytelling Festival on Saturday Evening


From Participants in This Class:

“This Master Class is a 10++++++. It builds an infrastructure of successful learning, planning, and telling of complex stories. Lindagail teaches by building one success atop another, leading to an expanded skill set and greater confidence. I arrived with full trust that she would teach in an environment where I was safe - this allowed me to reach my full potential. I especially appreciated the daily stories told by Lindagail, the debriefing and modeling of her process, the study of perspective, videos of luminaries in the field, and personal coaching. I grew.”
~ Laura Rains
Mental Health Professional and International Trainer
Yachats, OR

“This class is a 10. I expanded my tools greatly, built my confidence on many levels, and enlarged my entire experience of how to deliver a story like having a whole Rubik’s Cube of new skills. I loved it all!”
~ Bucky Farquhar
Mental Health Professional and Community Leader
Seattle, WA

“I gained such confidence. This training opened a whole new world of storytelling for me - being able to take a new story and tell it well within minutes. I really enjoyed the whole process and my fellow storytellers. Lindagail leads by example. What a role model!”
~ Susan Carson
Registered Nurse
Aloha, OR

Prerequisite for this advanced training: You must have completed either Lindagail's Storytelling Weekend or the 5-day Storytelling Training.

Your Advance Preparation for this event:

To enable you to get the utmost from this training, before class, do this:
1. Choose a story from world literature, folk tale, fairy tale, legend, myth
2. Read it aloud (length of story: 8 minutes maximum to read aloud)
3. Write the Bones
4. Draw the Story Map
5. Do the Storyboard
6. Place the story in space
7. Write the character studies
8. Mark the thresholds
9. Tell it aloud to someone
10. Do everything you know to do thus far about learing and telling a story

Come ready to work from there.
This Advanced Training will begin where the Storytelling Weekend and Storytelling 5-day classes ended.

This popular, internationally presented course is designed for educators, speakers, trainers, writers, consultants, counselors, therapists, parents, clergy, artists, attorneys, business people, and leaders of all types, who appreciate mastery in communication, the beauty of the spoken word, and the power of the imagination.

Class Schedule:
To be announced

Lunch: 12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Location: Lake Oswego, OR or Oregon Coast. Specific address to be announced.

What to bring with you:
•  2 printed copies of your story
•  Layers of comfortable clothing to dress for changing temperatures
•  Rain gear
•  Comfortable walking shoes
•  Pen

Tuition: $795. with early registration. $895 thereafter.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Refund up to 45 days before the event, less $200 non-refundable deposit.
30 - 44 days before the event, 50% refund less $200 non-refundable deposit. 30 days and thereafter, no refunds. If this event is held next year, you may apply what you have paid less $200 to next year's event. Non-transferable to another event or to another person.


Lake Shore Inn, Lake Oswego, OR

Fairfield's Inn and Suite, Lake Oswego, OR

Hilton Garden Inn, Lake Oswego, OR

Phoenix Inn, Lake Oswego, OR

More From Participants in This Class:

“The Master Class goes even deeper into the characters and psychology of a story. It offers many different ways to look at a story which enhances its telling. Lindagail gives personalized coaching to help boost your storytelling to the next level.”
~ Diane Bradford
Communication Coordinator, Everett Public Schools
Bothell, WA

“Thank you for the many great stories and varied telling styles. I loved the elements, pacing of this class, and appreciate the clear 'how-tos' and encouragement. I grew to trust my skills and the story moving through me.”
~ Piper Salogga
Speaker and Teacher
Seattle, WA

“I loved the variety of stories told, information about story background, and where to find them. This class offers practice and stretches that build on a solid foundation of Lindagail’s 6-Step Basics of How To Tell a Story. We modeled what worked, identified refinements, and had a Storyfest at the end of each day - a very rich learning environment. I loved hearing and seeing all the additional stories Lindagail told - exquisite tellings!”
~ Marie Eken
Educator and Coach
Pendleton, OR

Reserve your place in this training now by phone or Paypal.

Space limited to 12 participants.

1. Phone: Lindagail at 541-535-5932 to register with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card

Please include your cell phone number and your e-mail address. Thank you.

2. PayPal: Click the buttons above and below to register for room and lodging securely with Paypal

$795 Early Registration Storytelling Master Class Tuition.

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