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Building Your Business
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Strategies of Genius
Words That Change Minds

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NLP Essentials
Trainer Training
Storytelling in the San Juans

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NLP For Helping Professionals

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NLP Personal Mastery Training

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From Participants in NLP for Building Your Business

"Lindagail's business coaching solved the difficult issues we faced in marketing and customer care and spread far beyond the workplace. She teaches skills for living a good life!"
~ Laurie McIntyre, Seattle, WA

"Studying NLP with Lindagail has tripled my income... A few of the quick tips she gives alone are worth the price of admission.
~ Debi Dieterich, Investment Specialist, Medford, OR

“With what I learned in this course, I negotiated a 50% raise...thank you Lindagail!”
~ Jason Thatcher, Manager, Seattle, WA

"Lindagail's NLP Training is priceless."
-Jonah Ford, Investor, Ashland, OR

"Lindagail's training was key for us in developing the abilities of our staff."
- Richard Magnason, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

"If there were an NLP Olympics, Lindagail would get the gold!"
~ Robert L. Spencer, M.A., Therapist and Author, Boise, ID

"Lindagail is known as one of the finest international NLP Trainers. How lucky for us she is right here in the Pacific Northwest."
~ Bradley Melville, Western Oregon University

"Lindagail, you are a wonderful role model and you walk your talk. I appreciate that. You are the best trainer and facilitator I have ever seen. I’ve learned so much watching and listening to you, you are an incredible guide."
~ Marge Cieri, President, Mardac Consulting, Brownsville, OR

"NLP training has been a boon to me in my personal and professional life. I recommend it highly to all those who make a living dealing with or influencing people either one-on-one, small groups, or large audiences.”
~ Jacob Herring, Psy.D. Speaker and Consultant, Ashland, OR

"NLP Training is the best investment in self-improvement...in my business that I have ever made."
-Jane Rhode, Consultant, Portland, OR


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