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Lindagail Campbell


Lindagail is an internationally acclaimed NLP Master Trainer. Over the past 25 years she has taught NLP, Presentation Skills, and Storytelling to over 10,000 students across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and in Europe.

She serves as a consultant to organizations, coaches executives and TED talks speakers on their presentations, and helps people from all walks of life to improve their interpersonal communications. Lindagail is an approved provider of Continuing Education for mental health professionals.

Her former clients include Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, The Gates Foundation, US Department of the Interior, Digimarc, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, the US Forest Service, Providence Hospital, KPS Health Systems, Bonneville Power, Nike, Blackwell Books, State of Oregon, and Department of Homeland Security. She has been a guest on television and radio as an expert in NLP.

Lindagail was born in Seattle, WA, and grew up riding horses on a ranch in Central Washington and along the Columbia River. She earned her pilots license at 18 at the Ellensburg airport and began flying as a bush pilot in Alaska and Australia when she was 20. Lindagail went on to study banking and finance at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge; then worked in venture capital to create working partnerships. As an entrepreneur, she founded several successful companies which she sold and retired at age 32.

The following year her husband died suddenly. She discovered the art and science of NLP helped her to cope with the events of that difficult time. In San Francisco, she studied directly with co-founders of NLP, Dr. John Grinder and Judith Delozier. Seeing that what they were teaching were practical and systematic applications of skills which had enabled her early success in business, she went on to learn from more of the top NLP Trainers across the U.S. including Michael Grinder, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Lara Ewing, and Robert Dilts.

Her work and her thinking have also been influenced by the writings, recordings, and films of Dr. Milton Erickson, Gregory Bateson, Virginia Satir, and Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and contemporary teachers Dr. Angeles Arrien, Dr. Stephen Gilligan, David Whyte, and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

In 1991 Lindagail founded the NLP Institute of Oregon in Ashland, OR, to share the benefits of NLP with others. In 1992 she was asked to teach in Portland where she led trainings at Marylhurst Universtiy Conference Center for 12 years. She was invited to Guadalajara, Mexico, where she helped to establish an NLP training center where she has been a guest trainer since that time. In 2010 she moved from Southern Oregon to the Greater Seattle area and established NLP Pacific and NLP Seattle Eastside with Trainings in Seattle, Portland, and on Maui.

Lindagail is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and holds numerous certifications including Advanced Language Skills, Trainer Training, NLP in Health, NLP in Business, and Words that Change Minds. She is trained in Hakomi Psychotherapy, "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" with Joe Dispenza, and is a Guild Certified Teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®.

Recognizing the power of well-told stories, Lindagail has been telling stories professionally since 1991. Her teachers have been some of the finest traditional and contemporary storytellers in the world: Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés from Denver, Colorado, Hugh Lupton from Great Britian, David Campbell from Edinburgh, Scotland, Pat Spaight from Belfast, Ireland, Ashley Ramsden from Emerson College in Forest Row, England, and Laura Simms from New York City.

She has traveled widely both at home and abroad to 48 U.S. states and 44 countries worldwide. Lindagail has been on walking safari in Africa, cycling through the British Isles, trekking in Nepal, riding camels in the Saudi Arabian Desert, climbing Ayers Rock in Australia, and snorkeling in Tahiti. As an avid equestrian she has trained more than 30 horses and has explored most wilderness areas of four Western U.S. States on horseback including the Pacific Crest Trail that extends from Canada to Mexico.

Lindagail served as a board member of Mediation Works in Medford, Oregon, and co-founded the 140+ member community choir where she performed as an auditioned member of an ensemble. She sings with the Seattle Women's Chorus and is a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association. NLP Pacific was named "Business of the Year" in both 2015 and 2016 in Kirkland, WA.

In 2015, she moved from Seattle Eastside to Lake Oswego, Oregon.

In her free time Lindagail enjoys sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands, bird watching, swimming, and being outside near water under the changing sky.

After many years of being asked to record her trainings and teaching stories, she is now producing recordings of both which will be available on this website and elsewhere in the near future.

Lindagail's students and clients appreciate the depth of her experience, her warm yet expert teaching style, captivating storytelling, and dynamic presentations. She is well known for achieving top results.

From Lindagail's Students:

“If there were an NLP Olympics, Lindagail would get the gold.”
- Robert L. Spencer, author and therapist, Boise, Idaho

“Lindagail’s training is richly experiential, taught with heart, woven with memorable stories and poetry, creating peak experiences and lasting learning.”
- Jim Johannson, NIKE, Guadalajara, Mexico

“Lindagail, your wisdom and skill challenges and draws forth from your students their very best. I gained new wings and insights, more faith in my future, more confidence and passion for the work ahead. Thank you.”
- Kathy Kiefer, Writer and Award-Winning Filmmaker, Soap Lake, WA

“Lindagail, you teach by example how to be with others. Never before, in so short a time, have I learned more about my self and other people.”
- Anthony Lehrer, All State Insurance, Medford, OR

“Lindagail, you are a teacher of extraordinary skill and a deep, open heart.”
- Kit Furey, consultant, Boise, Idaho

“Lindagail’s NLP training is priceless.”
- Jonah Ford, Ford Capital Management, Medford, OR

“Lindagail is an incredible teacher and mentor.”
- Keith Ironside, M.D. Portland, OR

“Lindagail is a Master Teacher, her presentations are superb. If she is teaching it I suggest you take it.”
- Judy Bennett, American Society of Training and Development, San Francisco, CA

“Lindagail’s NLP Training gave me the skills to make the career decisions which have doubled my income.”
- Edward Jackson, Kodak, Seattle, WA

“What my husband and I learned in Lindagail’s training saved our marriage. We wholeheartedly recommend this training for people who want strong and healthy relationships.”
- Marilyn Webster, Portland, Oregon

“Three generations of my family have taken Lindagail’s NLP Training. It has been such a blessing for us all and has resulted in healing our family system.”
- Pamela Rottoli, Cocolalla, Idaho

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