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Mentoring Sessions With Lindagail

First Thursday of the Month

or tailored to your schedule

10 Monthly Meetings In Person in Portland, OR,

and by Phone or SKYPE from Around the World

Achieve Your Major Life Goals

What do you want to have accomplished this year when you look back on your year's achievements at the end of next year?

Consider Your:

• Career

• Most Imporant Relationsips

• Physical Health

• Fitness

• Daily habits

• Family life


• Friendships

• Financial well-being

• Work - Life Balance

If you keep going in the direction you are headed without making some quantifiable changes, will you be where you want to be in 2017?

What will it cost you to keep doing what you're doing? What is it worth to you to soar higher than you ever have before?

This unique mentoring group is designed for a select group of 6 who want to work closely with me over the next year to meet their personal objectives.

Working with a mentor who has your well being at heart has long been known as a powerful way to steadily advance your progress and live your mission.

Many great people, those who have accomplished achieved their goals in life, say that their mentor(s) were instrumental in helping them move past obstacles and make their dreams real. I have had the privilege of being mentored throughout my life by many fine mentors. I owe much of the success I have experienced to them. I have also had the honor of mentoring many from all walks of life over the past 40 years.

In this program, I will work with each member of this small group individually to focus on their project(s) and objective(s) as group members benefit from observing the process.

To support each mentees steady and visible progress, I will work with each participant for one hour individually at each meeting to:

  1. Identify your outcome (s)
  2. Determine what, if anything stops you from getting what you want
  3. Work together to remove the blocks and free you to move forward
  4. Design the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be
  5. Determine your action plan for each month between Mentoring group meetings
  6. Schedule a 15 minute coaching call 2 weeks later for progress reports, personal support, and ideas for your next steps in reaching your goals

We will co-design your action plan together to be sure it fits smoothly and ecologically into your life. This desireable personal accountability and follow-through will visibly boost your progress throughout the year as you track your progress each month and see your dreams coming true.

Over the years participants have found their accountability to themselves and follow through to be essential to the success of this Mentoring Program.

My ongoing support in accomplishing your goals will include my large network of contacts and accomplished experts from around the world.

Here are some examples of successful projects done by mentees in the groups I have led since 1996 in Portland, OR, Ashland, OR, and Kirkland, WA, and Lake Oswego, OR:

▪ Achieving a Healthy Work - Life Balance
▪ Giving Compelling Presentations
▪ Ejoying Healthier Loving Relationships
▪ Personal Coaching
▪ Advancing Your Career
▪ Starting a Business
▪ Writing a Book
▪ Marketing Your Business
▪ Clarifying Your Life's Mission
▪ Improving Your Health
▪ Developing Your Leadership
▪ Becoming Available As A Life Partner
▪ Making a Graceful Life Transition
▪ Healing Family Systems
▪ Developing and Marketing Seminars
▪ Experiencing Emotional Healing
▪ Developing Healthy Boundaries
▪ Creating and Marketing Recordings of Your Work
▪ Building Better Health
▪ Raising Your Income

What is important to you? Where would you like to be in your life one year from today?

Schedule: First Thursday of each month (with optional dates available by request)


From Participants In My Mentoring Groups:

“This year, as a result of your guidance and mentoring, I healed a long-standing rift in my family that I thought was irreparable. I thought they were lost to me because of past events. Now I have the priceless gift of reconnection with my parents and siblings. Thank you more than words can say.”
~ André, Paris

“This is just what I was looking for: just the right language for what to say and how to say it to handle difficult high-stakes situations in my job. Mentoring with Lindagail has paid for itself many, many times over!”
~ Jason, Brussels

"Lindagail's Mentoring Program is invaluable. I increased my income, improved my health, and revitalized my marriage. It was so valuable I’m registered for next year, too!"
~ Marianne, Calgary

“Thanks to our work together, my book, which was stalled and on the shelf for 3 years, is now complete, edited, and at the publishers! I am so happy! Thank you, Lindagail.”
~ Cho, Singapore

“During this year in the Mentoring Group I’ve opened my own practice, started seeing clients, and resolved a number of personal issues as a result of our work together. Thank you very much!”
~ Raz, San Francisco

“Your Mentoring made it possible for me to launch a new business complete with website, audiences, venues, and content to teach. I’m so thankful for your keen eye and ear. Each time after talking with you I felt stronger, more capable, and accomplished more by the next meeting.”
~ Bernard, Toronto

“The business decisions and strategies I learned from you this year repaid my investment for the Mentoring Training several times over. Thank you for invaluable insights and a new road map for success.”
~ Donovan, Los Angeles

“Because of Mentoring with Lindagail, I accomplished major goals in both my personal and professional life and realized a long-time dream. I have a new degree of optimism I have not known for many years. I know how to get from where I am to where I want to be. Folks who have known me through my recovery process notice my new outlook on life. I love the sweet comments from friends on how much I have changed as a result of this program!”
~ Martha, Bothell


Group members may bring their recorders and record their own sessions with their own equipment to listen again and deepen their learning.

Refunds: There are no refunds.

Rescheduling: With 48 hrs. notice, you can schedule a phone or SKYPE session to make up for a missed session. Please do all you can to attend sessions each month so you will experience the maximun advantages and gain the utmost from this program.

All Sessions Led by Lindagail Campbell






Portland Location:
To Be Sent Upon Registration or Request
in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Times: Beginning at 9 am we will continue until 4 p.m. or earlier depending upon the size of the "In-Person" group. This may varies each month since some members may be working by SKYPE from elsewhere and most are usually present to meet in person. You are welcome and encouraged to stay for the day of your schedule allows to benefit from witnessing the work with each group member and learn by observation. If you need to leave before we close the day., I will request that you do so between the individual sessions.

$3,495 total. Space for 6.


Contact me at 541-535-5932 or

I am easy to reach and will be happy to talk with you.

Thank you for your interest in this unique program designed and tailored for your personal enrichment and professional advancement.

To Apply:

If you have taken NLP Training wtih me, no application is necessary. Simply register below.

If you have not taken NLP training with me up until now, please e-mail me to describe

1. What attracts you to the Mentoring Program and

2. What you want to gain from your participation.

Once I have read your e-mail to determine that this Mentoring Program fits what you want, I will e-mail to let you know you have been accepted into the Mentoring Program and ask that you send your nonrefundable $1,000 deposit to sercure your place.

If you have been my student already, no written application is needed.

It will be useful for you and save you time in our first meeting if you have considered the two questions above before we begin on March 24, 2016.

$1,000 Deposit to Hold Your Place:


Payment By:

1. Check:
Mail your check along with your phone number and e-mail address to Lindagail Campbell, PO Box 999, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

2. Phone with a Visa, Master card, or Discover Card:
Call Lindagail at 541-535-5932.

3. Online with Pay Pal:

$2,495 Balance Due: Click the PayPal button below to pay your remaining balance 30 days before the program begins.

Click below to pay securely with PayPal.

Updated October 27, 2017, © 2017 Lindagail Campbell

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